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Fiction letter 101: The items of stories

This is one of the most popular forms of creative writing?

You have guessed it: writing fiction. Novels are written every month and every year. The vast majority does not see the daylight (a failed expression that means to be published). Some do. Some become bestsellers. Some do not even sell a few copies.

What makes the difference between writing a really good story that people reading with pleasure and a boring reading reading, the reader brings to throw it in the room?

Mastering the art of writing big fiction will write as a fiction.

Only in the event that you missed the previous rates of this series, you are here for you. Enjoy:

Now there are some fictional crescent elements that you should know. This is none of the "you can not live without" lists. You can live without these. But you would not want. Once you know all the elements, you just have to perfect them and they have it, a masterpiece in their hands ...

Only there is nothing "only" about perfect elements. But that's another post. Below you will find the fiction writing elements found in all novels, novels, novellas and short stories:

1. Character

Every story has a main character. If you have no characters, you have no history. You may have the most exciting property in the history of the universe, but if you do not have characters that take care of the reader for you, maybe they have just as well throw their history.

There is a whole art to write the letter. Sure, you can beat a name on a cartoon, give it a few clichГ©s (qualities that are so well known that it does not look around) and call it a character. But that does not make it a credible and real character ... and I'm not just talking about cardboard cuts. Incredible characters are ... Well, there is no strong word in English to describe them. Do not waste your ink to raise you.

2. Action

Every story has a main character. But does every story have an action? The answer is not every story ... but all good you have. If a story has no property, you can conclude that it is a bad story, not at all not publishable, because nothing happens in it.

Yes, the question you can ask yourself if you want to know if your story has an action or not (what a sip) is: What happens in him?

Action is not graphic. Action is something else. Whether you write a detailed plot outline or just want to start your story, you have to worry about the plot. Without characters, there is no story, even if you have a property, and vice versa. Without plot, there is no story, even if you have the best characters in the world. Both are necessary. The omission of someone can seriously hinder their history.

Your property can be everything in the world. It can be happy, it can be sad, it can be serious, it can be funny, it can be realistic, and it can be fantastic. It is the only function to draw the reader.

If you write an action that lets your readers can be bored, you can conclude that it was a failure. Many properties are failures. Far more are failures than successes. It can be bitter to realize that your action does not keep the reader's attention, but it happens to all of us and it is the way of the world.

a. Subples

If you insert subples into your story, you can increase interest in your novel. But that's just if you wear it well. What are subples? By Wikipedia:

A-Subplot is a secondary plot strand that is a supportive side history for every story or the main diagram. Subpples can connect to the main charts in both cases and place or in thematic significance. Subples include frequently supporting signs, such in addition to the protagonist or antagonist.

That defines it briefly.

B. Conflict

In your plot, you need to introduce conflicts between the main character and its environment. Conflict is necessary to make your novel spicy. Conflict between the protagonist (hero) and antagonist (villain), conflict between the protagonist and the page marks, etc. Without conflict, there is no excitement in a story. People hate that all agree. Introduce a few conflicts.

3. Setting

Where is your novel set? It could be set in modern India, it could be set in ages Europe, it could be set in a fantasy world like the middle earth. Wherever, it does not matter. But it must be credible.

4. Topic

What's your novel? Is it about crime, about politics, realism or imagination? What is the topic of history? How are readers feel after reading? If you answer these questions, you have a topic.

5th Style and Grammar

Write language, point, style and grammar. If you break the rules, it is sometimes better. But it is always better to know you before you break it. If you make a writing error, absolutely correct it with the proof reading. Nothing gives the amateurism of a writer more than a writing error.

That's it for fiction writing elements. About you.

I'm sure I missed some of them. What are your experiences in fiction writing elements? Did you find the explanation that is easy to follow, or was it mighty and not short enough? Feel free to give feedback in the comments.

This is the fourth rate in the eight partial series "creative letter 101".

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